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Have you ever:   Taken the controls of a real airplane in flight?  Or climbed a 200 foot high rock face?  Driven a motorboat?

                            Backpacked the presidental range?  Gone skeet shooting with friends? Learned to Sail?  Tested your survival skills?


We have.  And you can too!  Join us!

Scouting is a program for boys (ages 11-18) that challenges you to take your life to the next level.  In Boy Scouts, you will participate in fun and out-of-the-ordinary activities in a safe way with experienced leaders.  Ever hiked a mountain in winter?  Climbed Mount Washington?  Spent days with friends in the wilderness living out of your pack?  You will in boy Scout Troop 272.

In addition to just having fun, you’ll also learn skills – skills that will allow you to develop a “can-do” attitude that you won’t get by participating in the usual list of school sponsored activities. Through a constant series of monthly outdoor adventures, community service projects, and team-based activities, you will accomplish things that you might not currently imagine are possible for you.  It will be the adventure of your life and give you a solid foundation upon which you can enter the world as a confident and empowered adult.

Many of our countries greatest men built their foundations in Boy Scouts – presidents, astronauts, explorers, religious and political leaders, and even TV personalities like Mike Rove (Dirty Jobs) and Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) all started in Boy Scouts.

So come and join us. Do something awesome for yourself. You’ll look back years from now and discover it was one of the best decisions of your life.

Scouting won’t just prepare you for life -- it will prepare you for an awesome life.

It's not to late to go! Wilderness Survival Postponed!

Posted by roberttedwards on Mar 25 2017 - 8:10pm
Due to scheduling of adult leaders, the Wilderness Survival trip has been postponed.  This means that you can still bring in permission slips.  The permission slip is attached to this email.  The trip will be on April 21-April 23, and permission slips are due on April 7th.  The planning meeting will be on Monday, April 17th.  I encourage everyone to go, as it's going to be a great trip!

Learn How to Make A Difference

Posted by roberttedwards on Mar 25 2017 - 8:08pm
Hello everybody,
Well what sort of difference? How about saving lives before the 911 crew can arrive! The Nashua Office of Emergency Management is holding this FREE and brand new course to anyone 14 and up, and it contains tons of great information and tips.
The course is April 25th at 6 pm, and requires you to register beforehand. See the information below to sign up.
I took the pilot course for this training, Until Help Arrives, and it is run by experts who work in the field. Fulfill your duty to other by knowing how to keep people alive until professional help can arrive. 

Until Help Arrives – Training in Nashua

Dentistry Merit Badge on April 8th

Posted by roberttedwards on Mar 25 2017 - 8:06pm
Hello everyone,
If you would like to earn the Dentistry Merit Badge on Saturday, April 8th with Amherst Orthodontics, please notify Matt Z. More info is pasted below. 
His email is matatak14@gmail.com
This merit badge is a part of the STEM selection the BSA has to offer, and if you are even slightly interested, you should go. Merit Badges don't just give you a taste in a future career, they also look good in number on your merit badge sash!

We are once again hosting our annual Boy Scout Dentistry Merit Badge.  It is scheduled for Saturday, April 8.  There are two sessions.  The first runs from 9-10:30 AM and the second runs from 10:30-12:00 noon.  If anyone in your troop is interested in participating, please let us know how many will attend and for which session. 

Summer Camp Attendance / Alternate Week options

Posted by roberttedwards on Mar 25 2017 - 8:01pm

We have received answers and/or deposits from the majority of the Scouts as to whether they are going to camp with the Troop or not.  So far 13 Scouts are going and a couple more on the fence.  Below are the names of those who we have not received an answer for.  Please let me know so we don't leave you out.

Reminder - scouts camp

Posted by roberttedwards on Mar 19 2017 - 7:25am

When I look back on my youth scouting career, I remember at least a dozen campouts -- where we went to cool places, did exciting things, and I made real friends some of whom I still communicate with to this day.  I can't remember one troop meeting.

Wilderness Survival 2017

Posted by roberttedwards on Mar 19 2017 - 7:25am
Have you ever spent the night in a shelter that you made yourself?  You can now! Attached to this email is the Wilderness Survival Permission Slip.  It is due on April 21st.  It can be given to me at a troop meeting or be brought to my house. 

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